Hi, I'm Angel, and I am thrilled to share my journey with you!

I believe we can eradicate the concept of liabilities being obstacles, and instead view and treat them as opportunities for growth. This shift in mindset causes challenges to be transformed into assets for personal change; change that can positively shape and shift the trajectory of our lives, as well as the lives of others.


Throughout life, we all encounter a number of challenges. How we choose to face them, reflect and learn builds our resiliency, and rewards us in ways more important than money and position. This is why I wrote My Pain Has a Purpose.

My own life's lessons have enabled me to manage a 18-year-old small business, while earning my undergraduate and law degrees later in life. I haven't let my life stop there. In 2019, I helped found and lead a grassroots nonprofit organization that advocates for educational equity in my community.


I am available for speaking engagements and workshops to help you move your dreams into action. It is my personal mission to use my life experiences to inspire, encourage and impact you.

I have an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina A&T State University and a law degree from Florida A&M University College of Law.  I serve as Chief Consultant for Consider it Done 20/20, a Business Consulting and Legal Support Service based in Cleveland, Ohio. 

On a personal note, I am the mother of five amazing adult children and grandmother to a host of amazing grandchildren. I am happily married to Kenneth McDavid; I am active in my community and strive to make a positive impact on all those whom I love and serve.