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Actions Speak Louder than Words

When you least expect it, BE INSPIRED!

Words like love, family, and friendship typically imply an inherent sense of caring, concern, and commitment, along with a willingness to sacrifice, on both ends of such a meaningful relationship. Sacrifice that comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors – or in a variety of actions, for which we cannot determine to be good, bad, or indifferent, nor right or wrong, as they vary from person to person, and situation to situation.

“What would you be willing to do for a loved one?” Where do you draw the line in the sand? Might you be willing to think outside the box, inconvenience yourself, spend your last dime, or put yourself in an uncomfortable position for the greater good of another?

Most of you would say, “Yes! Absolutely – I would do almost anything, for someone I love.” Some would say, “It depends on the situation.” But, when the rubber meets the road, where do you really stand? Are you ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes for the good of another human being?

My answer is a resounding YES! Not only would I be willing to go over and beyond the call of duty for my loved ones; I have demonstrated such behavior, on a variety of occasions (sometimes occasions that lasted for extended periods of time). The truth is, we don’t know what we may or may not do, under certain circumstances, until we are faced with a real, and perhaps difficult, decision to make.

That being said, I have no right to condemn those who would not make the same decisions as I; and in turn, they have no right to form judgments about me. We must learn to respect other people, including their choices, beliefs, convictions, religions, lifestyles, and ideas. Diversity is a good thing, and it entails much more than race! We should let people be where they are and peacefully live their own lives, with passion and authenticity.

In prior writings, I have cautioned you to maintain a positive mindset, despite the challenges that will come your way. I have reminded you to use those difficulties as fuel for your future success, press on, and remain determined to live in the solution. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or thrown off course. You are to remain encouraged, excited, and anticipating success, despite the murmurings around you.

You know why you do what you do, and that is all that matters.

Remember: Actions speak louder than words. Be the example and others will be inspired. Courageously walk your own path and, by your example, empower someone else to do the same. In doing so, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at your newfound, or continued, sense of purpose, passion, and tenacity.

Stay the course and keep on being the amazing human being that you are!

A well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes our actions are much more meaningful than words. A hug can sometimes express more than our words will ever express.” – Catherine Pulsifer

You are what you do, not what you’ll say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung

You’ve got this! Go for it; and if you have not already done so, please subscribe below to stay inspired and learn more about how to keep it moving in 2021! Thank you for inspiring me!

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