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An Open Letter to My Father

Dear God, it’s me, Angel.

As I sit with you (and my cup of coffee), before the dawn of this new day, I am reminded, just how good You really are – and, more importantly, how much I need You, at ALL times and in EVERY aspect of my life.

When things are good, peaceful, and moving forward, without significant challenges, I am quick to forget that it is Your Grace that sustains me. I begin to rely upon self, instead of relying upon You for my next move or to overcome a challenge. What a mistake! I do this over and over, as if I cannot recall, with sufficient force, the pain of just yesterday, when I did the same thing!

I appreciate the reminder, from Joyce Meyer, that even when we think we have it all together, we are really swimming in the deep-end of life and in over our heads – But, with You, we need not panic, for we can tread water and allow Your Grace to sustain us. You are always in control and never in over Your head, therefore we should fear not and rest in the safety of your loving arms.

Fear is a thief that can steal my peace-of mind, my courage, and my future, if I don’t stay close to You. I must resist the temptation to sit in a spirit of fear and instead call upon You for help, protection, direction, and courage. I must remember that with God, all things are possible and the only thing I need to fear, is fear itself.

God, help me to rely upon You for ALL that I need. Give me the strength, courage, and wisdom to press on, even when I am afraid, confused, or challenged, knowing I am in the safety of My Father’s arms. Help me to be still, so I can hear Your voice, receive Your direction, and walk in Your Will. I ask these, and all things, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

The one thing we must fear is fear itself: for if we allow it to, it will control us. If we confront it, we will master it.” – Franklin Roosevelt

Fear torments and prevents progress…the only acceptable attitude we should have toward fear is ‘I will not fear!’” – Joyce Meyer

Courage is knowing what not to fear.” – Plato

You’ve got this! Go for it; and if you have not already done so, please subscribe below to stay inspired and learn more about how to keep it moving in 2021!

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Janice Davis
Janice Davis
10 de jan. de 2022


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