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Are you Ready? Take your Mark... Get Set... Go!

Happy New Year!

Okay – We’re going in – we’re doing something different – we’re working towards a much wanted or much needed goal. We are ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to experience our own definition of success; but where do we start?

Hopefully, you are starting with the right mindset – you are encouraged, excited, and anticipating success with this new endeavor (along with the willingness to do the work required to make it happen).

You understand your “Why – What is your reason for wanting to accomplish this goal, at this specific time in your life? Your why will drive your success. Try to think beyond monetary gain – what about accomplishing this goal will bring you total fulfillment? Who will it directly, or indirectly, benefit? How will it impact you, your family, friends, or community?

Do you have a plan? Is it written or memorialized, in some form or fashion, or is it simply floating around, as an idea, in your head?

Hint Hint: Let’s get it on paper (and then start with the end in mind – see my blog entitled Are You Ready for a New Beginning for step-by-step instructions)!

You have made it through this challenging year – The now infamous year 2020; and you are perfectly positioned, and well-prepared, to walk into this new year! You are focused and intentional about accomplishing your goal; and ready - ready to step out on faith – you need only start with the right mindset, have a plan, and the fortitude to implement that plan.

We all know getting started is the hardest part, so please do not procrastinate. Take that crucial first step and do something to get started. Start building your momentum. Once rolling along, it will fuel itself and become self-propelling.

Trust me – Try it – It Works – I Promise!!!

We are embarking upon the beginning a new decade - a new year, and a new beginning. You are standing in the hallway of your purpose; accept it, embrace it, and move forward.” – Angel Michelle Chapman, JD

You’ve got this! Go for it; and if you have not already done so, please subscribe below to stay inspired and learn more about how to keep it moving in 2021!

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